18, September 2021

Episode 4 Coming On Monday!

Are you worried you might be spending too much on splurges? Monday's episode is all about Ribeyes and Splurges. Identify the biggest areas of splurge spending, tricks to beat the splurge, and learn about helpful apps to assist in expense tracking, coupon clipping, and automatic saving. As a bonus, you'll learn how you can identify a great ribeye and what sets it apart. See you soon!

4, September 2021

Happy International Bacon Day!

Bacon day is celebrated in the United States today. We hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. You can find one of Kate's favorite Bacon Day recipes here: Thai Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Skewers and Rice

29, August 2021

First Episode Releases Tomorrow!

Our first episode is airing tomorrow morning at 5 am CST. Join us for our inaugural episode to learn all about Bacon and Banking. Learn what you can do to boost your budget and save in the supermarket. See you soon!