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You can reach your Bacon Money goals!

"Personal finance shouldn't be about living with less. It should be about meeting your goals and aligning your budget with the values that matter most to you."

- Kate Delamare




Book a 30-minute brainstorming session with Kate to uncover areas of opportunity to save money and pay down debt without giving up things that you value most. Come prepared with questions and we're happy to provide you with answers.


Guest Posts

Have readers who would like to hear more about a personal finance topic? You can send us a request for a blog post or article through our Contact Us page. 


Speaking Engagements

If you need a speaker for an event for your organization, we are only accepting bookings for the Dallas-Fort Worth area and virtually currently due to COVID.




Guest Appearance

Need a guest on your podcast? We'd love to hear about your program. Let us know more about your show and what you have in mind.